New: MailStore Server 9

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We are pleased to announce today the release of MailStore Server 9. The latest version of our email archiving solution for businesses will be gradually rolled out.

Version 9 provides end users and administrators alike with many new features and improvements. Mailboxes are archived from email servers at a much faster rate in Version 9. In addition, an intelligent caching system and a new store hinting algorithm were implemented, reducing the time required for synchronizing emails in the mailbox with the emails already in the archive for Exchange EWS and IMAP to a minimum.

Administrators will also benefit from a new task manager, which is integrated completely into MailStore Server for the first time. It greatly simplifies the creation and scheduling of archiving tasks as well as the remote administration of the system. Additional improvements for administrators include an auto update feature of MailStore Client that eliminates the manual and group policy controlled update of the client software in most cases and makes backup and restore processes much easier.

What’s more, Version 9 now also supports the HTML preview of emails thanks to Web Access and the Outlook Add-in. A whitelist-based HTML sanitizer, specifically developed for MailStore, provides the necessary security. Moreover, the display of recipients and file attachments has been significantly improved; this includes MailStore Client, too.

MailStore Server 9 can write event types defined by the administrator, such as a change in user permissions, not only in the Windows event log but also in the form of text files in a directory in the file system. MailStore Server 9 also has a special viewer with many sorting and filtering features, allowing the files to be easily accessed and quickly analyzed.

What’s new in MailStore Server 9 (PDF)


MailStore Server 9 will be gradually rolled out for existing customers. The new version is expected to be available for all customers in September. Every customer who purchases the current server 8 until then, can upgrade to version 9 for free.

Upgrades for existing customers

MailStore Server 9 is available free of charge to all existing customers with active update and support service. Customers whose support service has expired can take advantage of a special promotion until 30 September and purchase an upgrade at a 60% discount off of the regular price. Our customer service would be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.

New Version of the MailStore Service Provider Edition Available

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spe-v9-blog-enToday, we released the new version of the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), which contains many new features and improvements, together with the release of best pharmacy to buy generic viagra.

We were able to incorporate important features from the development of best pharmacy to buy generic viagra, which is quite similar to the end customer instances in MailStore SPE, into the current version of the Service Provider Edition. For example, this includes greatly increased performance in archiving from server mailboxes via IMAP and Exchange EWS and a new HTML preview for Web Access and the Outlook Add-in.

Providers who are already registered can download the new version free of charge at the MailStore partner portal. If you are a service provider and not yet registered with MailStore, you can register free of charge with no obligation and receive access to a trial version and additional background information.

More information about the new MailStore SPE

Partner Interview with Martin Drexler from E&S Software

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We are pleased that Martin Drexler from our Czech Distributor E&S Software recently answered a few questions about his work and experiences with MailStore:

martin-drexler1. When did E&S Software start up and what distinguishes your company from the rest?

E&S Software started in business back in 2006, when our owners begun distributing email servers and several other solutions. Not long after its launch in 2006 E&S Software went international and marked its presence on another European markets. The spirit of our company is both young and professional which enables us to be very flexible and quickly reflect any changes that the world of IT brings on a daily basis. But what I value the most is our corporate culture and the way we approach our customers and partners. We build on close relationships that are beneficial for everybody involved.

2. How many people does E&S Software employ and how many of them are working for MailStore?

E&S Software has about 30 core employees and several external colleagues. There are 7 people working for MailStore at this time.

3. How important is email archiving for companies and organizations in the Czech Republic?

It’s very important for the most part. Wherever the business email communication is a relevant element of what the company does (about 80% Czech firms) there is a need to secure the data and enable fast and precise access. A lot of Czech companies, which are active on the international market, or are being affected by it, demand email archiving while the others start to pick up. Now, when the Czech legislation is shifting towards even stronger position of eGovernment and requirements for cyber security, the email archiving will be soon a standard for literally all responsible businesses.

4. What requirements are particularly relevant for email archiving solutions in the Czech market?

The requirements vary according to the segment where particular company works. What I find remarkable and very important is how everybody who starts to use MailStore Server for its own reasons such as security, fast search engine or reduction of server and mailbox overload, promptly finds another functionality that attracts him/her, making the solution helpful in more ways than was initially planned.

5. E&S Software has been distributing MailStore Server since the end of 2012. What was it about the solution that you found so convincing?

Originally it was demand stemming from the situation within the infrastructure of our customers as they realized that no email servers are designed to store large amounts of data for an extended period of time. We found MailStore as a solution that is very reliable and easy to use while, still being reasonably priced. These key facts are strongly seconded with the immaculate technical support and the relentless focus of the company to be the no. 1 expert in e-mail archiving.

6. Which of the advantages of MailStore Server are particularly important to partners and end customers?

Both the end customers and partners like the very same things mostly. It’s reliable, well priced, and very easy to set up and administrate.

7. Tell us about some exciting customer projects that E&S Software has implemented recently.

Even though it’s hard to pick here, one of the cases that stands out for me was an implementation of MailStore Server for Equa bank which is one of the Czech progressive banks. This case was very complex and the requirements from the bank front office and their IT department were high and very tenacious. Also, we have met lot of competition along the way as this was a great reference customer, and faced competitors with progressive price dumping strategies. The whole process wasn’t easy but eventually the MailStore solution was implemented and it serves to their needs to the letter.

Many thanks to Martin from E&S Software for taking the time to answer our questions!

Sharing Practical Experience: Achab Holds Successful MailStore Road Show in Italy

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Our Italian distribution partner Achab hosted MailStore road shows in Padua and Milan on 14 and 15 May. During a live demo and several engaging presentations, almost 100 participants received comprehensive information about email archiving with MailStore Server. One of the highlights was the presentation from Tullio Cozza of OmniNet Srl and Raoul Gennaro of Xon Telematica Srl, who shared their wealth of experience, offering valuable tips and best practices. Participants used the opportunity to ask questions of the partners, and were especially interested in a reseller’s assessment of the software solution.

New White Paper: Email Archiving – An Overview for Decision Makers

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Businesses usually have well-functioning mail servers or groupware solutions at their disposal for the purpose of email communication. However, these systems were not designed to store data over long periods of time, or supply it en masse. In practice, this can lead to a range of technical, legal, and financial issues.

Read our compact White Paper for Decision Makers to find out how you can archive your business-critical emails over the long term while adhering to compliance policies and simultaneously benefit from protection against data loss, reduced IT costs, and increased productivity.

Achab Invites Interested Resellers to MailStore Road Show in Padova and Milan

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Our Italian distributor Achab will inform interested resellers about email archiving with MailStore in May. Participation in the event is free.

What are the benefits of running an email archiving solution? How does MailStore Server work and what arguments help resellers to convince customers of the solution? These and other questions will be answered in detail by Achab during the event. In addition, the experts of Achab resellers will describe their practical experience with MailStore.

The events will start at 2pm and end at approximately 6pm. Interested resellers will find a detailed agenda and an online application form on the website of Achab.

Real-life Experience: Why Did 20,000 Companies Already Opt for MailStore

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There are a number of factors that play a role in selecting an archiving solution. The solution needs to take individual requirements into consideration and be able to seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure. What’s more, it must be quick and simple to implement. The price-performance ratio also needs to be convincing and technical support, if needed, should be provided quickly.

How can you be sure if our email archiving solution meets all of the criteria and is the right option? Our customer overview uses selected success stories and customer testimonials to illustrate why over 20,000 companies have already opted for MailStore Server.

Get to know MailStore Server from our customers’ perspective and see what system administrators and decision makers from companies, organizations, and institutions across all sectors like most about MailStore technology and find out about the benefits our email archiving solution has to offer.

Are you interested in MailStore Server? Would you like to test it? Download the 30-day trial version for free. You’ll be archiving your first emails just a few minutes after installation.

MailStore SPE: Marketing Kit for Service Providers Available

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An extensive marketing kit is now available for all registered service providers at the partner portal. Thanks to these templates providers can easily attract the attention of prospective customers and inform them in a comprehensive way about their new SaaS offering based on the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE).

Do you have any questions regarding our email archiving solution for service providers? Our MailStore SPE team is happy to receive your inquiry.