New: MailStore Server 9

We are pleased to announce today the release of MailStore Server 9. The latest version of our email archiving solution for businesses will be gradually rolled out. Version 9 provides end users and administrators alike with many new features and improvements. Mailboxes are archived from email servers at a much faster rate in Version 9. […]

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Email Archiving: 7 Reasons for Service Providers

Email archiving as a service is the perfect addition to the range of services offered by any service provider. It can be sold as a complement to or a cross-selling proposition with email services already on offer and allows your company to tap into completely new growth and sales potential. Read our new white paper […]

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New Version of the MailStore Service Provider Edition Available

Today, we released the new version of the MailStore Service Provider Edition (SPE), which contains many new features and improvements, together with the release of MailStore Server 9. We were able to incorporate important features from the development of MailStore Server 9, which is quite similar to the end customer instances in MailStore SPE, into […]

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Partner Interview with Martin Drexler from E&S Software

We are pleased that Martin Drexler from our Czech Distributor E&S Software recently answered a few questions about his work and experiences with MailStore: 1. When did E&S Software start up and what distinguishes your company from the rest? E&S Software started in business back in 2006, when our owners begun distributing email servers and […]

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Sharing Practical Experience: Achab Holds Successful MailStore Road Show in Italy

Our Italian distribution partner Achab hosted MailStore road shows in Padua and Milan on 14 and 15 May. During a live demo and several engaging presentations, almost 100 participants received comprehensive information about email archiving with MailStore Server. One of the highlights was the presentation from Tullio Cozza of OmniNet Srl and Raoul Gennaro of […]

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New White Paper: Email Archiving – An Overview for Decision Makers

Businesses usually have well-functioning mail servers or groupware solutions at their disposal for the purpose of email communication. However, these systems were not designed to store data over long periods of time, or supply it en masse. In practice, this can lead to a range of technical, legal, and financial issues. Read our compact White […]

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Achab Invites Interested Resellers to MailStore Road Show in Padova and Milan

Our Italian distributor Achab will inform interested resellers about email archiving with MailStore in May. Participation in the event is free. What are the benefits of running an email archiving solution? How does MailStore Server work and what arguments help resellers to convince customers of the solution? These and other questions will be answered in […]

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