Case Study: Clever Email Migration and Safe Archiving Thanks to MailStore

Mister Spex, Europe’s leading online eyewear retailer, has entrusted its email archiving to MailStore Server since February 2014. The company chose MailStore after a month-long test phase, during which different solutions were tested. For example, the company evaluated to what extent different archiving strategies could be implemented for various areas of business. Archived email is […]

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Important Note: Critical Vulnerability in Microsoft’s HTTP.sys

On yesterday’s patchday Microsoft released a security update that resolves a vulnerability which could allow remote code execution in the HTTP.sys kernel module. This kernel module is responsible for handling HTTP requests in Microsoft Windows. In addition to Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS), many other programs may use this module indirectly to provide a webserver […]

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Stubbing in Email Archiving: Why MailStore Refrains from Using this Technology

Many email archiving solutions use stubbing technology, yet MailStore has consciously opted to refrain from using it. Why? What is stubbing? The point of stubbing is to allow end users to access their emails as usual via Outlook at any time and simultaneously reduce the storage load on the email server. But what is the […]

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Case Study: MailStore in its Sixth Year at Enid Public Schools

Michael Shellito, District Systems Administrator at Enid Public Schools in Oklahoma, reports about how MailStore Server has proved itself over the course of six years in our new case study. Back in 2009, the school district’s IT department searched for a suitable email archiving solution for its 17 schools and education centers. The solution needed […]

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EBERTLANG Honored as the World’s Most Successful MailStore Distributor

MailStore awards EBERTLANG the ‘Value Added Distributor of the Year 2014’ prize commending the company’s outstanding performance. The special distributor for infrastructure software receives a partner award for being the MailStore distributor with the highest sales worldwide. “We are very pleased to know that such a successful and dedicated partner is on our side,” said […]

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MailStore Enables Legacy Vacation Club to Offer Efficient e-Discovery

MailStore Server supports companies with its compliance concept. It not only helps them to comply with the applicable legal guidelines, it also offers protection in legal disputes. In the case of a legal dispute, for example, the entire email archive can be searched to quickly determine whether important electronic evidence can be provided for the […]

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Learn Efficiently with the Free MailStore Webinars

Are you looking for a solution for email archiving and want to learn about MailStore Server in a compact but informative way? That is why we offer our free online webinars, with no commitments. Here you can get a practical glimpse into email archiving with MailStore Server in just an hour. How do you create […]

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