“We see a great deal of potential for growth on the European market and we will make headway in the U.S. market as well”

Philip Weber became part of MailStore company management in 2007 and has now held the position of Managing Director for some time. He has assumed sole management responsibilities for the Viersen, Germany-based company, a subsidiary of Carbonite Inc. Weber is a family man who hails from southern Germany. He took some time to answer a […]

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MailStore Home Communities: ‘Users Helping Users’

MailStore Home is our popular software for archiving private email. Over one million private users all around the world use MailStore Home. We have already announced that our B2C software will remain free of charge, and that will not change. However, since we provide that software free of charge, we are unable to provide personal […]

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Magic 5 – Five Reasons Why Administrators Like Email Archiving with MailStore Server

Reducing the workload of email servers, simplifying backup and restore processes, eliminating mailbox quotas, and backing up PST files in a central archive. These are just some of the technical advantages offered by an email archiving solution that help win over IT administrators in particular. However, additional factors such as installation and long-term administration costs, […]

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How do Admins benefit from MailStore? Webinar answers your questions

Businesses usually have well-working mail servers or groupware solutions for their email communication. However, these systems were not designed to store data over long periods of time, or supply it en masse. In practice, this can lead to a range of technical, legal, and financial issues. An email archiving solution can help companies efficiently and […]

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Email: Backup Alone Is Not Enough

Emails are the number one means of business communication. As such, they contain business-related data. Various national laws all over the world require legally compliant archiving, while IT security strategy calls for backing up the email server. IT decision-makers should take care not to overlook data protection in the process. Email remains the most important […]

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“Deep teamwork is a testament to the vibrant culture MailStore’s leadership team has built”

A couple of days ago we had the great pleasure to welcome our CEO Mohamad Ali at the MailStore HQ in Viersen, Germany. We took the chance to ask him some questions about his impression of MailStore, his plans and his private life. You recently visited MailStore in Germany – what impression have you gained […]

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Software Development and HR: Three Questions for Daniel Weuthen

Daniel, as Director of Engineering, why do you deal with recruiting? The reality of my everyday work has shown me that the demand for software developers is exceeding the supply. Because of that, it’s more important than ever for companies to take a long-term approach to managing staffing needs and focus on hiring highly qualified […]

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