“We see a great deal of potential for growth on the European market and we will make headway in the U.S. market as well”

Philip Weber became part of MailStore company management in 2007 and has now held the position of Managing Director for some time. He has assumed sole management responsibilities for the Viersen, Germany-based company, a subsidiary of Carbonite Inc. Weber is a family man who hails from southern Germany. He took some time to answer a […]

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Four Reasons Why End Users Are Into MailStore

The greatest advantage of an email archiving solution is the ability for users to quickly and simply access information stored in emails at any time. The level of user friendliness of the solution plays a decisive role in this context. MailStore Server scores points in everyday use thanks to its intuitive operation and the wide […]

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Final Spurt 2016: Upcoming Live-Demos for MailStore Server in Q4

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the legal, technical, and financial advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. MailStore is offering interested administrators free webinars on the MailStore Server solution developed in Germany. These one-hour live demonstrations will give participants an insight into the functional scope of the solution. Questions that arise […]

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Yahoo Mail Controversies: Better Save Your Data!

Our colleagues at Carbonite posted an interesting blog article about the issues many users have with Yahoo Mail. We absolutely recommed this as it its really worth reading: The ongoing controversy over data breaches at Yahoo—and the company’s recent decision to disable Yahoo Mail’s auto-forward feature—are serving to highlight the importance of email management tools […]

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Magic 5 – Five reasons why organizations profit from MailStore

Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources in business. Information sent by email is generally not stored anywhere else, but simply remains in the employees’ mailboxes. This results in stores of knowledge that span a number of years […]

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MailStore Home Communities: ‘Users Helping Users’

MailStore Home is our popular software for archiving private email. Over one million private users all around the world use MailStore Home. We have already announced that our B2C software will remain free of charge, and that will not change. However, since we provide that software free of charge, we are unable to provide personal […]

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Magic 5 – Five Reasons Why Administrators Like Email Archiving with MailStore Server

Reducing the workload of email servers, simplifying backup and restore processes, eliminating mailbox quotas, and backing up PST files in a central archive. These are just some of the technical advantages offered by an email archiving solution that help win over IT administrators in particular. However, additional factors such as installation and long-term administration costs, […]

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